Jan Rosgen – June Artist Spotlight

Oceana is on view from June 1st to 30th, showcasing works from nine Malcolm Island artists, each exploring the ocean’s beauty, its inhabitants, and the intricate relationship between the sea and our island community. Throughout the month we’ll be chatting with each artist participating in our latest summer exhibition.

Below is our first a rapid fire Q&A with Jan Rosgen!


What prompted you to start creating art?

As a child I wanted to solidify my experience of something in my life; to remember or appreciate it; to show what was important to me at that moment; sometimes my hopes about it or to express a strong feeling about the experience.

What were the inspirations for your art piece?
All of my artwork, with few exceptions, are inspired by the photos I have taken of Malcolm Island. The lacey surf of month #1 is from a photo taken at Dickensen Pt.

Can you tell us about the materials you worked with?
Generally, painting media (oils, acrylics, ink, pastel, colored pencil, watercolor) on canvas or painting paper.

What’s your favourite style of work?
Abstract Realism. The basis represents the actual 3-D subject to a degree that makes recognizable as a specific place or object. This combined with “whatever happens” with the progression of the aesthetics of the painting. The result is unplanned and is most-often a surprise.

What would you say to an aspiring artist?
Simply do it. Follow inner nudges about what to do and how to do it. You recognize what is pleasing to you. Keep going until you are finished or fed up with it. Wait a long time before having another look. You’ll be surprised at how your opinion of it may have changed, or you recognize easily what the next step might be.

Thanks Jan!

Above photo: Jan Rosgen

On view

Click below to see a video of the exhibition’s reception, the artists, and the art on view. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the works on display, pleace reach out to us at info@sointulamuseum.ca by text or calling 250-230-9650, or contacting us through Facebook or Instagram. Thank you to all of our artists, and Jim Blohm (videographer) for putting this lovely video together.