Coho Spawning stream

Natural History — Spawning Coho

Yesterday, I was with a small group that was fortunate enough to come upon what was probably a female coho...

Dan, Sointula's smithy

Sointula Forge

The art of Blacksmithing is an ancient one and for centuries it was the only metal working profession. The methods have changed very little. A smith described in the Bible would be able to comprehend what was happening at a 21st Century forge.

Sointula Dragonboaters in Broughton Strait

Lohikäärme (Lucky Karma) Arrives in Sointula

While the enthusiasm for Dragon Boating is new to Sointula, the passion in our community for boats and paddling on the ocean is as old as Sointula. In an article in the Aika from January 1, 1904, cofounder of Sointula, A.B. Mäkelä laments about his delight with his boat Dragon (which in Finnish is Lohikäärme). In his words translated into English, “ That Dragon is just a simple thing, but much lies in it. It holds in visible form exactly the things I enjoy here the most: freedom and independence from the rest of the world… I don’t know if this longing for complete and infinite freedom is as strong in other people as it is in me.”

Kalevan Kansa Children

Kalervo Oberg, a Famous Son of Sointula

August Oberg was an original member of the Kalevan Kansa, a staunch supporter of Matti Kurikka and his utopian vision. As the treasurer and labour organizer for the colony he was a key member of the Board of Directors.Kalervo was born in January, 1901 when the family lived in Nanaimo so would have arrived in Sointula as a toddler in early 1902. Tragedy struck in January 1903 when the communal building caught fire. The two Oberg daughters, Kalervo’s sisters, were among the eleven who died in the flames. The Oberg family’s plight is described in Paula Wild’s book, Sointula, Island Utopia:

Aho's sewing machine

A Very Welcome Return

In May of 2011, the Sointula Museum welcomed the return of a Singer leather sewing machine used by Antii Aho, an early shoemaker in Sointula and the builder of the Wirkii house, one of our oldest existing homes. Thanks to the generosity of Ray and Mryn Rosback of Port McNeill who acquired the machine many years ago we have been able to add the machine to our shoemaker display.