Our natural history–spawning coho part 2

spawning coho

Photo of the large fish outside the culvert.

Loretta Rihtamo and I returned to the spawning creek today anxious to see if more coho had arrived.  If sharp eyed Robert Belveal hadn’t arrived we might have left disappointed.  He quickly discovered the first fish–a large one probably a male was hanging out beside the outlet of a small culvert, poking its head inside as if searching for something.  It soon became apparent why as Loretta caught a glimpse of a tail emerging from the culvert.  As we watched a smaller fish backed out and joined the larger one.  Together they tumbled a distance downstream out of sight.  Altogether we spotted four large fish and three much smaller.  Robert thinks that the small ones were jack coho not Dolly Varden. I saw Alexandra Morton later and asked her.  She said that jack coho do accompany the adults into the spawning stream as do Dolly Varden.

The creek was running much higher today after heavy rain.  Robert told us that the fish would have come in on the high tide.  This week has the biggest tides of the month and would give the coho a boost into the creek.  Check for another update later this week.


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